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Noemi00, Apr 19, 14 4:50 AM.
Members: please post all your characters to the Roster page and check out the Calendar for events. Most current updates and news items will be posted on our Facebook site.

Light Tempest is a family-based MMORG guild that honors core values and friendship.  LT also focuses on sharing adventures through a friendly leveling atmosphere, shared pvp outings, and a mildly-aggressive approach to raiding. To the members of Light Tempest, there is more to the game than what can merely be achieved alone -- it is spending time with friends and sharing that next great adventure!

Are you ready to step into the light?
Raid Info
All raids will be based on EST time zone; all raiders must read up on strats before hand if they wish to be picked for runs. Any raider who does not study up before raids will not be considered for raids of this week. On all progression raids, raiders are to be expected on their main character 20 mins before the run is to begin. If players are not on at the time of invites, then they will risk a chance of not being picked for the run.

We will no longer bring alts into progression or higher-end raids unless the raid leaders ask the player to be on the alt. If you wish for your alt to see action, please show up for the non progression raids. Main characters will be picked for EV and KP over alts, Classic operations are for players who are trying to gear up their main characters. Raid leaders and officers will pay close attention to this detail. If there are no main characters on that need or wish to partake in the run, then those slots will be open to alternative characters.

Characters: Players will be recognized as having a Primary Character and one Secondary Character.

Light Tempest has a new policy when dealing with “pug groups”. Raiders who “pug” the listed operations before the scheduled date will risk a chance of not being picked at all for the following week. Officers and Raid Marshals who pug hard mode operations that are not listed or run in a “pug” group will also run a chance of forfeiting their runs as well. If the officers wish to progress in hard modes then they need to do so with the guild they are in; Officers who do run pug groups on their primary or secondary charters will forfeit their runs for the remainder of the week, the following week and officer status will be placed on probation. Officers are to be expected to have both their primary and secondary characters ready to be used on all raids. All players who have a 3rd or 4th alternative character can pug at their
own time.
Light Tempest

Light Tempest Creed

Each of us, in our own way gives light to the world

 Each of us, in the way we know fights for what is right

Some carry torches, others raise the flag.

Some prefer sitting quietly praying, some write poetry,

Enlightening themselves and possibly others

We are crusaders for truth, justice, freedom and so much more

We are, in our own unique ways,

Warriors of the light shining within and through us

Let you light shine, may it illuminate your path

And that of others that all may find their way.


Jedi Covenant
Jedi Covenant
Status: UP
Population: Light
Class Officers
If you have questions about your class with regard to stat priority, skills, rotation, etc, please consult with the following players:

Heals - Kannor   
DPS - Open 
Shadow - Undoli

Sentinel - Kleighten
Guardian - Open

Vanguard DPS - Vaunt   
Commando DPS - Open
Commando Heals-  Open
Vanguard Tank - Open

Gunslinger - Ceon   
Scoundrel - Fappy

Our Target Markers
1) Purple Cog, 2) Fire, 3) Lightening, 4) Star (Jedi CC), 5) Shield (Trooper CC), 6) Target (Consular CC), 7) Pistol (Smuggler CC), 8) Lightsaber
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